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Training Course Outline

 Access 2010 Queries

  •     Creating a Query
  •     Adding Criteria to a Query
  •     Running a Query
  •     Editing Criteria In a Query
  •     Saving a Query
  •     Creating a Two Table Query and Sorting the results
  •     Refining a Query
  •     Wildcards
  •     Deleting a Query
  •     Hiding and Un-Hiding Query Fields

 Access 2010 Reports

  •     Creating a Report
  •     Using the Report Wizard
  •     Modifying the Layout of a Report
  •     Widening a Report Column
  •     Modifying the Report Title
  •     Adding a Logo to a Report
  •     Formatting a Form using Themes
  •     Modifying Field Names within a Report
  •     Inserting and Formatting the Date & Time
  •     Adding Existing Fields to a Report
  •     Resizing Reports For Printing
  •     Totals
  •     Closing a Report
  •     Deleting a Report


  •     Exporting a Table As an Excel File
  •     Exporting a Table As a Text File
  •     Exporting a Table As a Text CSV File
  •     Exporting a Table As a PDF File
  •     Exporting a Table As an XML File

Printing from  Access 2010

  •     Print Previewing
  •     Portrait and Landscape
  •     Adjusting Layout In Print Preview
  •     Margins
  •     Printing a Complete Table
  •     Printing Selected Records
  •     Printing a Query or Reports
  •     Printing Forms

Reference: the Access 2010 Interface

  •     Opening a Database
  •     Opening a Table
  •     The Ribbon (Toolbar)
  •     Ribbon Tabs
  •     Groups
  •     Dialog Box Launcher
  •     Navigating
  •     Contextual Tabs
  •     Minimising the Ribbon
  •     The File Tab
  •     Microsoft Access Help
  •     Closing Access 2010

Database Terminology & Theory

  •     Database
  •     Table
  •     Record
  •     Field
  •     Field Data Types
  •     Field Properties
  •     Primary Key
  •     Types of Database

Trusted Locations

  •     Setting a trusted location

 Access 2010 Fields

  •     Creating a Lookup within a Field.
  •     Modifying a Lookup within a Field.
  •     Deleting a Lookup within a Field.
  •     Creating an Input Mask.
  •     Modifying an Input Mask.
  •     Deleting an Input Mask.
  •     Modifying a Field to Require Data Entry.
  •     Modifying a Field So That It Does Not Require Data Entry.


  •     Creating and modifying a One-To-One Relationship.
  •     Creating and modifying a One-To-Many Relationship.
  •     Creating and modifying a Many-To-Many Relationship using a Junction Table.
  •     Enforcing Referential Integrity.
  •     Automatic Updating of Related Fields.
  •     Automatic Deletion of Related Records.


  •     Inner Join.
  •     Outer Join.
  •     Subtract Join.
  •     Self Join.

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Access 2010 Intermediate Courseware
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