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 This course is designed to be run as a 2 day SEO seminar

SEO Courseware | 2016


What is SEO?

  • What is on-site SEO?
  • What is off-site SEO?
  • SEO – do not overdo it

Over optimization & SEO guarantees

  • SEO – take it slow
  • Dangers of over optimization
  • SEO guarantees

Examples of successful SEO

  • One more time – take it slow
  • My SEO story
  • Computer training materials
  • SEO training

SEO terms

  • What is search engine optimization?
  • What about the constant changes goggle makes to its algorithms?
  • Decide what you want SEO to achieve and think local
  • SEO and ROI
  • Organic vs. Paid search engine results
  • Black hat vs. White hat SEO
  • On-page vs. Off-page SEO techniques
  • How do search engines work?
  • The google search algorithm
  • Google updates such as panda and penguin
  • Robots, spiders and crawlers
  • Think like a search engine
  • Search engines do not rank websites, they rank web pages
  • Search engines vs. Directories
  • What is a URL or domain name?
  • What is an IP address?
  • What is a web server?
  • Picture files are stored separately from your web pages

SEO concepts

  • Research your competitors
  • Identify your keywords – keyword research
  • Think like a search engine
  • Name everything to be SEO friendly
  • Use your keywords in the website
  • Use pictures, documents and videos
  • Use social media
  • Linking
  • Google webmaster guidelines


  • What is google PageRank?

Google webmaster guidelines

  • Google’s webmaster central guidelines
  • Viewing the guidelines
  • The guidelines
  • General guidelines
  • Help google find your pages
  • Help google understand your pages
  • Help visitors use your pages
  • Quality guidelines
  • Basic principles
  • Basic principles – avoid the following
  • Follow good practices like these
  • A warning from google

Quality content & freshness

  • Content is king
  • Google likes fresh content
  • Frequent updates equals frequent indexing
  • New content equals new keyword promotion opportunities
  • Incorporate a blog into your website

Basic html

  • What is html?
  • Browsers and html
  • Index page
  • A sample web page
  • Viewing html code
  • Html tag
  • Head vs. Body sections
  • The head section
  • The body section
  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • Meta keywords tag
  • Heading tags (for body text)
  • Paragraph tags
  • Bold tags
  • Links to other pages
  • Anchor text within hyperlinks
  • Alt tags

Advanced google searching

  • Google advanced search
  • Narrowing your advanced search results
  • And more …

Google keywords planner

  • What is the google keywords planner?
  • Using the google keyword planner
  • Customizing your results
  • Multiple search phrase analysis

SEO copywriting

  • Customizing different pages for different keywords
  • Amount of text on a page
  • Location of keywords on a page, top and bottom of page text
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword frequency
  • Keyword proximity
  • Keyword stuffing

Keywords and bold text

  • Body text and keywords
  • Bold text
  • Large text and coloured text

List formatting & SEO

  • Using bulleted or numbered lists

Keywords and anchor text

  • Anchor text and keywords
  • Exploiting keywords in anchor text links
  • Don’t use ‘click here’ for anchor text within a hyperlink

Evaluating keyword phrases and investigating your online competitors

  • Make a list of the keyword phrases you think are important
  • Use keyword phrases rather than a single word
  • Use a localized phrase
  • Ask employees and customers for key phrase ideas
  • Use google to search using your chosen keywords and check out the competition
  • Use google auto-suggest to suggest more popular keywords
  • Related searches in google
  • Turn the cache off when repeating local searches
  • Listing the keywords that your competitors think are important
  • Word stemming
  • Use for related keyword ideas or the Microsoft Word thesaurus
  • Using long tail search phrases
  • Advanced google search techniques
  • Video searches
  • What google has to say about building keyword lists

Pictures and SEO

  • Picture file names
  • Alt tags
  • Meta data
  • Optimize picture file size

The html title

  • Title
  • Keyword position within a title
  • Use unique titles for each page within your website
  • The page title can be displayed within the search engine results
  • What happens if you do not have a title or have a bad title?
  • Ctr (click through rate) and SEO
  • Titles and matching html headings
  • Keyword positioning within your title
  • Localization of your titles
  • Google will only display around 64 characters but may index up to 250 characters
  • Titles and branding
  • Keyword proximity within the title
  • The order of words within your key phrase are important
  • Singular vs. Plural versions of your keyword
  • Stop words
  • Separators
  • Using smaller words
  • Call to action
  • Using exact keyword matches
  • Use natural capitalization
  • Different title and description text
  • Do not use multiple titles within a single web page

The html description

  • The meta description
  • Description syntax
  • Description and click through rate (CTR)
  • Google may ignore the description
  • Unique descriptions on every page
  • Description length
  • The description and page content
  • The description and the open directory project

Meta keyword tag

  • The meta keyword list


  • Use similar to use within Microsoft word
  • Headings and structure
  • Use headings for SEO not styling
  • Use relevant keywords within your headings
  • Only one h1 per web page
  • No gaps in multiple heading hierarchy
  • Use relevant headings
  • Heading syntax

File names and keywords

  • Using keywords in file names
  • Using keywords in folder names
  • Using keywords in image file names
  • Using keywords in your document file names

Keywords and domain names

  • Keywords in the domain name
  • Think about domain names that describe your product or service
  • How to see if a domain name is available
  • If your preferred domain name is taken …
  • Consider purchasing a number of domain name alternatives
  • Using the 4 or 2 trick within URLs

The power of documents

  • Types of downloadable documents
  • Downloadable documents and SEO
  • Documents and keyword content
  • Headings within documents
  • Document meta data
  • Document keyword meta data
  • Document file names
  • Html and document content
  • Consider both Microsoft word and adobe acrobat formats
  • Use SEO friendly anchor text to downloadable documents
  • Linking from documents to your web pages
  • Seeing which of your documents google has indexed

Multiple website issues

  • Why consider having more than one website?
  • Specialize by geographical area
  • Specialize by product or service type
  • Specialize by offering a wholesale site and separate retail site
  • Specialize by different versions for expert and non-expert visitors
  • Matching the domain name to your keyword phrase, using a special trick
  • Multiple domains redirected to a single website
  • Dedicated and shared IP addresses

Website credibility

  • Mobile friendly
  • Your website visitors are looking for reassurance
  • Full contact details
  • Embed a map on the contacts page
  • Client lists and customer feedback
  • Independent reviews
  • Publish full prices on your website rather than asking for a quote
  • Guarantees and ‘terms and conditions’
  • Returns policy
  • FAQs page
  • Always use encryption to take credit cards
  • International issues
  • Take account of local sensibilities, especially pictures
  • Privacy policy
  • Website accreditation schemes
  • Keep your content up to date

Browser & hardware issues

  • Different browser issues
  • Browsers version issues
  • Screen resolution issues
  • Mobile web issues

Domain name issues

  • Buy up domain variations and also international versions of the URL
  • Consider other domain types
  • Beware of purchasing an expired domain
  • Purchasing an existing website
  • Buying a premium website domain
  • Finding recently expired domains that you might want to purchase

Web hosting issues

  • Use a server based in your own country
  • Checking to see if your website has been hacked
  • Checking how many sites are shared on a web server
  • Recommended hosting services

Server uptime

  • Server uptime monitors

Website loading speed

  • Web page loading speed
  • Caching
  • Gzip
  • Monitor website bandwidth use and peak period usage

Google search console – formally the google webmaster tools

  • Google search console
  • Signup and verification
  • Dashboard
  • Messages
  • Data highlighter
  • Sitelinks
  • Links to your site
  • Manual actions
  • International targeting
  • Mobile usability
  • Index status
  • Content keywords
  • Blocked resources
  • Remove urls
  • Crawl stats
  • Fetch as google
  • Robots.txt tester
  • Sitemaps
  • Security issues

User generated spam

  • What is user generated spam?
  • WordPress and comments
  • Monitor YouTube for spam
  • Precautions if you want to use comments
  • Google and user generated spam

Google penalties & manual actions

  • What are manual actions?
  • Manual action triggers
  • How do you know you have a manual action against you?
  • Reconsideration requests

Html mark-up validation service

  • Using the w3c validator

Reporting spammers to google

  • Don’t get mad – get even!
  • Filing a spam report

Broken links & 404 errors

  • What google says about broken links
  • Checking your website for broken links
  • WordPress broken link checkers
  • WordPress 404 error redirects
  • Create custom error 404 page with links to important pages

Bad neighbourhoods

  • Beware of buying links
  • Do not link to bad neighbourhoods – avoid penalties
  • How to identify bad sites (so called ‘bad neighbourhoods’)
  • Do not use automated link building schemes
  • Link exchanges
  • Take care when considering free link pages

Follow and nofollow links

  • Link juice and page rank
  • Controlling individual links with the nofollow tag
  • Nofollow WordPress plugin
  • Page level nofollow
  • Most social media links will be nofollow – but still valuable
  • Examining link types using SEO quake

Link baiting

  • Link baiting – quality content attracts links
  • Free e-books
  • Downloadable tutorials, fact sheets or reports

Attracting links

  • Quality content
  • Link baiting – create quality content to attract links
  • Link baiting – top 10 lists
  • Use original content
  • Free e-book

More linking ideas

  • Ask for links
  • Analyse back links to competitor sites
  • Take part in forum discussions
  • Post comments to blogs or guest blogging
  • Join local industry associations and groups
  • Offer educational discounts
  • Ask for a mention in a newsletter operated by a similar, but non-competing website
  • Produce regular articles for other people’s news letters

Your website linking

  • Google likes text based hyperlinks
  • Complex internal website linking
  • Link all pages within your website back to your homepage
  • Use both text and graphic links
  • Beware java menus and flash menus
  • Insert links from each page to your important pages

Doorway pages

  • What are doorway pages?
  • Examples of doorway pages
  • Doorway pages can get you banned from google

Google disavow tool

  • Using the google disavow tool

Outgoing linking & SEO

  • Outgoing links from your website may help SEO
  • Check all your outgoing links for links to bad neighbourhoods

Directory submissions

  • Why use ‘paid directories’?
  • Paid directories
  • paid listing
  • ‘best of the web’ paid directory listing
  • Australian directory submission
  • International directories
  • Business associations
  • Perth business associations & groups
  • Podcast directories
  • Green directories

Open directory project

  • What is the open directory project (dmoz)?

The data highlighter & structured data

  • Using the data highlighter

Plagiarized content

  • Checking for other sites that may be plagiarizing your website content

Html site map

  • What is an html site map?
  • Dynamic html site map – WordPress plugins or templates

Xml site map

  • What is an xml site map?
  • Xml site map and google search console
  • Xml site map and WordPress

Specifying a language

  • Google and language specification
  • Html language code reference
  • More information from google
  • WordPress and language specification

Website encryption

  • Recommended in google webmaster guidelines
  • What is https and how does it work?
  • Implementing website encryption
  • Common issues when using https

International visitors

  • Search using different international versions of google
  • International spelling and meanings
  • Establish jurisdiction for disputes

Monitoring your SEO campaign

  • Impartial feedback on your website
  • Google PageRank
  • Simple web hit counters
  • Monitor the back links to your website
  • See how many pages you have listed in google
  • Manually check your search engine results
  • Beware of using automated search engine position checkers
  • Google search console (formally the google webmaster tools)
  • Google analytics
  • Bing webmaster tools
  • Monitor competitor sites for content changes
  • What are web logs?
  • Tools for analysing web logs
  • Site analysis tools


  • Canonicalization (setting preferred URL)

Search engine submission

  • Make sure you are listed in the major search engines
  • How to submit a website to Google
  • International search engine submission
  • Australian search engine submission

Robot.txt file

  • What is robots.txt used for?
  • Googles advice about the robot.txt file
  • Robots.txt and web pages
  • Robots.txt instructions may be ignored
  • WordPress and the robots.txt

The .htaccess file

  • What is the .htaccess file?
  • The .htaccess file and SEO

Folder structure on your web server

  • SEO friendly folder names
  • Google recommends structured websites

Using ftp

  • What is ftp?
  • Installing an ftp program
  • Using ftp to transfer files to and from your web server

The google community

  • What is the Google community?

SEO Courseware | 2016

SEO Masterclass Courseware Training Materials
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